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Engineered Pipe Model!

Design - EPM

"Engineered Pipe Model" from Merivale Design Group take the guess work out of pipe designs.

Reduce your spend

Better calculations result in a reduced amount of equipment needed . Saving you money!

Safety and assurance

All our EPM's are strictly designed to the British and European design codes: BS EN 13480-3

A holistic Approach

Merivale Design Group Ltd. uses computational stress analysis models when designing piping systems, utilizing the British and European code BS EN13480-3, checking, validating and providing modifications to achieve code compliance. There are many factors which can cause undue stress in pipework these include:

- Dead-weight of pipe,      - insufficient supporting(Sag), 
- Thermal EXP movement,     - Seismic,
- Building movement         - Settlement,
- Water hammer,             - Wind loads and more.

An Engineered Pipe Model provides all the information required to ensure a safe and quality install including reports on:

Pipe Stress, complete list of supports including loads, end loads for plant and nozzle connections, movements at penetrations and fire stopping, Flange leakage analysis, spring support sizing.