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Stress analysis for steel structures !

Design - EPM

"Engineered Pipe Model" from Merivale Design Group take the guess work out of pipe designs.

Reduce your spend

Better calculations result in a reduced amount of equipment needed . Saving you money!

Safety and assurance

All our EPM's are strictly designed to the British and European design codes: BS EN 13480-3

Safe, Reliable, Designs

Merivale Design Group Ltd. uses computational analysis and Finite Element Analysis when designing all steel structures, from simple beam analysis to complex interconnected multi-service supports. Our engineers have the experience and tools to provide solutions that fit the constraints of your project, all our designs are compliant with the latest Euro-code.

Designs include for load cases including:

Wind loading, Snow, Seismic, Static and live loads.

Full and detailed reports including:

Material Stresses, Deflections, Steel utilisation, Concrete fixings, Pipe Support details and more....

As each model is designed and drawn in the 3D environment, for easy coordination and integration into your BIM models or REVIT Systems.

Why not combine with your Engineered Pipe Model to have a truly comprehensive and complete designed solution, perfect for prefabrication and offsite.