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Vibration isolation - Keep the noise Down!

Design - EPM

"Engineered Pipe Model" from Merivale Design Group take the guess work out of pipe designs.

Reduce your spend

Better calculations result in a reduced amount of equipment needed . Saving you money!

Safety and assurance

All our EPM's are strictly designed to the British and European design codes: BS EN 13480-3

Acoustic supports

Merivale Design Group Ltd. uses computational stress analysis models when designing all supports for pipework, this allows for accurate loads to be calculated for both hot and cold cases.

- This is most important when selecting Anti-vibration spring hangers, these are used to absorb vibration for a piping system reducing its transmission into the building structure. Vibration and associated noise can be a real problem for Offices, Residential and high end buildings or wherever a plant room is located within close proximity to the actively populated areas of a building

Additionally as the system is designed and validated in 3D this process can happen in advance, ensuring all materials are available on site for a speedy installation.